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Древняя ДНК: DNA from the European Neolithic, DNA from the Near Eastern Neolithic, Mesolithic Western Eurasian DNA, Palaeolithic DNA from Eurasia, Образцы mtDNA палеолита, Образцы mtDNA мезолита, Образцы Y-DNA и mtDNA неолита и халколита, Образцы Y-DNA и mtDNA бронзового века, Образцы mtDNA железного века, Ancient Western Eurasian DNA of the Copper and Bronze Ages, Iron Age DNA from Europe and West Asia, Ancient DNA from North Africa and the Canary Islands, Ancient DNA from the Silk Road, Ancient DNA of the Xiongnu, Hsiung-nu or Huns, Ancient Jewish DNA, Ancient Roman DNA, Medieval and Modern European and West Asian DNA, Royal DNA of Europe, Ancient DNA related to traits and diseases (Lactase persistence; HIV resistence; Pigmentation), Famous DNA